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Margot Luckman is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Certified Mediator and is EAGALA Certified as a Equine Specialist and a Mental Health Provider. The EAGALA model has been utilized by Margot in her practice for several years. Margot has worked with individuals of all ages, genders, couples, families, and from several different cultures.

The mental health issues/populations she has provided services for since 1989 includes: depression and anxiety; PTSD; addictions; family dysfunctional patterns; abuse issues; couples; situational adjustment; grief; schizophrenia; developing coping skills, functional patterns and healthy boundaries. She has worked as a team member, a group facilitator, and as an individual therapist. In addition, Margot has worked with several individuals involved in mediation and litigation process for a number of different reasons.

The incorporation of horses with people has been a welcomed and beneficial model through EAGALA and it is exciting to see the relationship and process people embrace in the arena.

Inside office visits are also available. 

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